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Sports Betting Software

Sports Betting Software

With our state of the art communications system, and a computer network that is monitored 24 hours by our expert IT department, you and your clients can feel completely at ease. With a downtime under 1% (this is attributed to regularly scheduled maintenance which usually takes place after midnight eastern), you can rest assured that your customers will have access to their accounts anytime they desire.

Our sports betting software is utilized by the largest sportsbooks in the industry, and for this reason, you can rest assured that it is the safest and most secure wagering platform for you and your clients. Our software offers visually unlimited wagering options within the sports betting marketplace. In addition, your customers will have access to a full Vegas virtual casino, and horse racing. All of these options are able to be blocked as you wish, so you are never stuck with something that you are not comfortable offering your clients.

We are currently running the most up-to-date version of a software package provided by DGS. This bundle also us to seamlessly integrate sports, casino and horses into a format that allows for a pleasant user experience and the need for only one account number. It is the ease of use that you and your players will appreciate most thus enhancing your online volume and keeping your overhead down.

On top of that, the software’s overall speed and functionality allow you to get all figures in real-time along with visibility to track any wagers being made, as they are being made. Check out the screen shots below to get an idea of just a few of the features available to you and your players around the clock.