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Michigan Sports Betting
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Michigan Sports Betting Licenses are Now Available

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is now opening their doors to sportsbook and online casino operators. Should you want to operate an online gambling business, you can now submit your application. With a great potential for a Michigan sports betting market, the state will benefit from revenues soon. Especially if they start as scheduled, which will be to have online gambling by the end of this year, or early 2021.

Michigan sports betting
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Michigan House Committee Approves Sports Betting Bill

A lot of pay per head sportsbook owners have been enjoying a larger customer base now that sports betting is gaining popularity. The US alone has its 50 states scrambling to regulate the betting market in hopes to gain revenue from taxing the gambling industry. There are over a dozen states that have legalized sports […]

Sports Betting in Maine
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When Will We See Sportsbooks in Maine?

A lot of PPH sportsbook bookies take in clients who bet on US sports. They are, after all, recognized internationally, with leagues like the NBA, NFL and MLB enjoying a large fanbase outside the country. And while anyone can place wagers on these sports, the citizens of Maine are stuck with a tabled bill on […]

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A Bookie can See Sports Betting in Connecticut and New Hampshire Soon

Across the US, state lawmakers have been busy working on legislation that will allow and regulate the gambling industry in their respective states. Connecticut and New Hampshire are two states who have made strides in crafting bills to legalize gambling and sports betting. The best pay per head bookie services can offer you a wide […]

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New Jersey Sportsbook February Update

New Jersey is one of the states you will frequently see in our 9dollarperhead blog, since the state has been proving how profitable the sports betting industry is. Those with a good PPH sportsbook will know the best ways to earn money through sports betting. And while in New Jersey, the industry has been breaking […]

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Bookie Business News: Sports Betting in DC can Happen Soon

The states in the US have been experiencing a domino effect in terms of legalizing sports betting. Each state works towards regulating the market. And, of course, insuring that they get a cut of revenues in the form of licensing fees and taxes. These funds will be available for social, economic, and other community projects […]

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How E-Sports Can Help Your Sportsbook Software

The top bookie pay per head solution companies all have E-sports offered to bookies. Why? Because as experts, they know just how big this industry will be. Today, we are seeing such a huge expansion of the market. In fact, e-sports can be one of the most profitable forms of sports betting in the future. […]

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Gambling Software News: Dutch Online Gambling Bill in Senate Debate

Sports betting has long been popular in countries that allow sports wagering, but moving from casino spaces to online gambling is happening only recently. So much so, that the demand for sports betting software has been increasing the past few years. Much of the legislation on sports betting across the world is focused on regulating […]

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Pay Per Head Bookie 101: Player Management

The main purpose of becoming a pay per head bookie, is to have a system to run your sportsbook business in. This means, you already have the software to manage your players, your lines, and take care of the processing of your payouts. It really seems simple, and too good to be true, even. And […]

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The Complexities of the Gambling Bill in Virginia

Despite the warm welcome online gambling has received across the US, some states remain hesitant. Despite the benefits from establishing the gambling industry in their area, some question if it should be legalized. But the questions are mostly moral in nature. Laws in some states and countries even acknowledge this by allotting funds to address […]

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