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Bookie Software Guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting

Bookie Software Guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting
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Bookie Software Guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting

Last updated on July 24th, 2021 at 01:54 pm

The Olympics started last Friday. We have a bookie software guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics to help you prepare for the events. Thus, you understand the betting options available during the Summer Games and the events that you should consider offering to players.

Bookie Software Guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Bookie Software Guide to 2020 Tokyo Olympics BettingYou can use the sports betting software to offer various betting options during the Olympic Games. Some types of wagers that you can offer include:

Moneyline – Players who bet on Olympic basketball and soccer games will opt for moneyline bets. The US will find moneyline odds in their favor up to the gold medal matches. However, you should be prepared for upsets. Players will also look for moneyline bets for baseball. Aside from the US, other favorites for Olympic baseball include Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Korea, and Japan.

Spread – Spread wagering is available in baseball, basketball, and soccer. However, the spread is known by different names. For example, it is known as runlines in baseball and handicaps in soccer.

Totals – Players can wager on total bets on individual games. Also, you can accept wagers on whether a country goes under or over a specific number of gold medals.

Profitable Olympic Events

Here are Olympic events that can attract the most action:

Basketball – Although USA Basketball is not the Dream Team this year, they are still the heavy favorites. Team USA is also the favorite in the women’s competition.

Soccer – Many players favor Brazil to win the Olympic gold in soccer. However, Argentina won against Brazil at the Copa America. Also, Italy is a favorite after winning EURO 2020.

Baseball – The US lacks star power this year. However, it still has Edwin Jackson and Scott Kazmir pitching for them. Some countries that can challenge the US are Dominican Republic, Japan, and South Korea.

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