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Boost Bookie Profits with Exotic Bets

Boost Bookie Profits with Exotic Bets
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Boost Bookie Profits with Exotic Bets

Last updated on October 10th, 2020 at 04:47 pm

On any given day, there are thousands of betting options in your sportsbook. The best thing about using a pay per head is that you can choose the betting options you can offer to players. You can improve bookie profits with exotic bets.

Most new bookies focus on common wager types. They ignore advanced wagers that include exotic bets. When customizing the pay per head bookie solution, you have the option to choose the types of wagers to offer based on players’ preferences.

Bookies need to understand how particular wagers work, such as exotic bets. Thus, you avoid losing money because you didn’t set the odds correctly.

Increase Bookie Profits with Exotic Bets

Boost Bookie Profits with Exotic BetsBefore anything else, you should know what exotic bets are. When people refer to an exotic bet, they are talking about a proposition or prop bet. Also, they are bets on politics and entertainment. Exotic wagers are betting options that are not point spreads, run lines, money lines, or parlays.

When it comes to sports, players look for exotic wagers during significant sporting events. Make sure you offer prop bets when the demand is high. That way, you’ll get many actions for the event. Based on white label bookie software reports, the most crucial day for prop or exotic wagers is Super Bowl Sunday.

During the Super Bowl, you can offer exotic wagers to attract casual fans. Some prop bets for football games include the coin toss, what the coach wore, the number of songs in the halftime show, and more.

You can also offer wagers on how many interceptions or touchdowns a quarterback will throw during the game. You can also accept bets on who will be the MVP or who the MVP Will thank first after receiving the award.

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