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Pay Per Head Bookie 101: Player Management

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Pay Per Head Bookie 101: Player Management

The main purpose of becoming a pay per head bookie, is to have a system to run your sportsbook business in. This means, you already have the software to manage your players, your lines, and take care of the processing of your payouts. It really seems simple, and too good to be true, even. And with the money needed to be a bookie, you won’t really think that it won’t take much effort, since you are paying an affordable rate for your sportsbook.

But if you really want to make a profit, and earn long-term as a bookie, you cannot just leave your sportsbook to run itself. It makes things so easy to manage, so the temptation to let things be is high. But aside from setting your odds and checking the lines, there is one very important aspect of being a bookie you should never forget: player management.

Pay Per Head Bookie Tips

Player management is one of the features offered by any pay per head provider. Your pay per head provider will provide you with a site where your players can log in, check out the available wagering options, and place their bets. From there, they can deposit their bets, and process the payouts for their winnings. It makes your sportsbook efficient, and professional. And while this will surely impress your players, you should never forget to make them feel special.

This is where your skills as a bookie comes in. Checking in with your players and asking about your service will provide feedback that will allow you to improve their service. Not only that, but it gives them the knowledge that you will personalize your sportsbook for them. Player satisfaction keeps them staying with you, after all. This is one of the many things you need to learn to be a good bookie.

Player Engagement Matters

Another thing you should always keep track of, is your player activity. Are they turning you a profit? Are they reliable? If so, you may consider increasing their limits so they can enjoy the game more. Now, if your player’s activity seems to be declining, touch base and check what you can do to get them back. If could be bonuses, free games, or maybe a change in limit. You could also look at expanding the wagering options to add more sports, or exotics, even.

Lastly, reward their loyalty. A few promotions can go a long way in rewarding them for staying with you, and for playing more. Do not forget that happy players can invite more people in your sportsbook. And if you use that, and offer a reward or a bonus for referring people to your “group”, then it could entice your players to expand your business for you. It is customer service, and marketing, all in one move.

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