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When to Limit Player Accounts – Pay Per Head Guide

When to Limit Player Accounts
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When to Limit Player Accounts – Pay Per Head Guide

One way to ensure players are not manipulating your lines is by limiting or closing accounts. When you limit player accounts, you stop people from exploiting odds for matched betting, or any other form of betting that guarantees a win for players.

One of the bookie pay per head features is player management. It allows you to limit player accounts to ensure the fairness of your sportsbook. You mustn’t get greedy and limit players to make more profits. You’ll only drive people away from your bookie business if you do that.

There are several reasons why you should consider limiting an account of a player. Here are some of them:

Limit Player Accounts that are Matched Betting

When to Limit Player AccountsMatched betting is a type of bonus abuse. The concept is taking advantage of two or more offers from different pay per head bookie sites. As a result, the player will make a profit no matter what the results will be.

When you learn how to be a bookie, you must know about matched betting services. They are firms that provide instructions on where players can take offers and what they should bet on. Also, some sports betting software can find the best odds to maximize returns.

When you think a player is matched betting, limit the account to stop the person from claiming more bonuses. That way, the player can’t take advantage of you are offering to loyal customers.


Arbitrage or arbing is finding discrepancies in odds in various bookies. Then you bet proportionally on all possible results to ensure you make a profit. You can easily spot a player engaged in arbitrage. The person will be betting an exact amount that’s not a round figure. Most players wager round figures, such as $1, $5, or $10. Thus, a player betting $87.54 in a tennis match is an arbing suspect.

The good news is that the bookie PPH software can spot the patterns and alert you of suspicious activity. Although arbing is not illegal, your sportsbook will suffer if you allow too many professional players.

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