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Alberta Wants to Allow Online Gambling

Alberta online gambling
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Alberta Wants to Allow Online Gambling

Alberta wants to regulate online gambling operations in the province. As a result, only Saskatchewan will be the only Canadian province that doesn’t license online gambling. Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission is looking for a developer to create a system that allows Albertans to gamble online via their mobile devices or desktop.

AGLC spokesperson Chara Goodings told gambling industry news that residents are already gambling online using sites based outside the country. Albertans spent around $360 million annually on unprotected and unregulated websites.

At present, only Alberta and Saskatchewan don’t offer regulated online gambling. In addition, other provinces have some type of online gambling. They also allow pay per head sportsbook operators in their jurisdictions.

Alberta Wants to Provide a Safe Place to Gamble

Alberta AGLCBookie pay per head reviews said there’s a confusion about the nature of overseas-based gambling websites. Most people think that the government regulates these sites and pay Canadian taxes.

However, they are not. Unless they get licenses from the provincial gaming commissions, gambling sites don’t pay any taxes in Canada. Regulating online gambling doesn’t mean promoting it more to the public. Instead, it is providing a safe place to place bets on the internet.

The AGLC’s goal is to develop a platform within the year. In addition, they want to promote responsible gambling by allowing players to set spending and time limits. Goodings also said that minors will not have access to the platform.

The AGLC hopes to find the right developer by summer. Also, they want the online gambling platform in place by next year. According to reports, the commission already got responses from various companies.

Alberta has been eyeing to set up its own online gambling operation for years. In 2015, the AGLC has opened a tender for a gambling platform but nothing came out of it. Experts believe that the province is more serious about the issue this year as they want to cash in on the millions spent by Albertans on overseas sites.

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