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Bookie Business News: Sports Betting in DC can Happen Soon

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Bookie Business News: Sports Betting in DC can Happen Soon

The states in the US have been experiencing a domino effect in terms of legalizing sports betting. Each state works towards regulating the market. And, of course, insuring that they get a cut of revenues in the form of licensing fees and taxes. These funds will be available for social, economic, and other community projects the local government assigns it to. All of this has been hot in gambling news since PASPA’s repeal last year.

Washington, D.C. was very close to legalizing sports betting, but things came to a halt when there was confusion on who would regulate the sports betting market locally. DC lawmakers needed clarification if they accidentally awarded this responsibility to the district’s lottery operator Intralot. This issue was a because they did not hold any bidding process, or even had a public consultation.

Sports Betting in DC

To clarify and finalize everything, the D.C. council has now passed the legislation last Tuesday, which does assign the oversight to Intralot. Initially, the legislation is put in as an emergency sports gambling bill. This means that none of the measures in the bill will not need voting. There are concerns being raised by members of the council, however. At this point, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will need to sign her approval of the legislation. Plus congress will have to sign off on it, too.

Congress can, of course, stop all of this from happening, but they could also take advantage of taking the lead in the region. All politics aside, legalizing sports betting ahead of its neighbors, Virginia and Maryland, can be very profitable for the state. If they do, they not only have the local citizens as their market, but sports betting fans from Virginia and Maryland can hop on and travel to DC to be able to place their wagers. But for those who do want to earn more money and not travel too far, you can just learn how to become a bookie.

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