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Bookie Reacted to the Big Clarence House Match

Bookie Reacted to the Big Clarence House Match
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Bookie Reacted to the Big Clarence House Match

Last updated on January 29th, 2022 at 10:53 am

People have been talking about the clash between Energumene and Shishkin last Saturday at the Clarence House Chase. A bookie reacted to the match and called it the largest betting race of the jumps season.

According to a white label sports betting report, bettors wagered vast amounts of money on the Clarence House Chase. Also, the favorite Shishkin won against its rival, Energumene. It was an exciting race as the two horses performed brilliantly.

A bookie said that despite being able to lay on both horses, they ended up a loser due to the money wagered on Jonbon, the winner at Haydock, earlier in the day. According to bookie pay per head sources, the biggest wager on Energumene was £360,000. On the other hand, there was a double wager on Jonbon and Shishkin for £140,000.

Bookie Reacted to High Profile Race

Bookie Reacted to the Big Clarence House MatchIt was a high-profile race. As a result, it attracts substantial bet amounts. Bookies called it a good bookmaking race because players could wager in both. Also, the race’s TV ratings were soaring. It peaked with 834,000 viewers. In addition, the average viewership was 525,000.

There were more viewers this year compared to last year. Keep in mind that last year’s race was held during the lockdown. Thus, it had more potential viewers. However, the 2020 race averaged 492,000 viewers for a 6.1 percent share of the views. On the other hand, this year’s race had a viewer share of 8.1 percent.

Energumene and Shishkin will race against each other again in the Betway Queen Mother Champion Chase. So you have enough time to learn how to become a bookie before the race in March.

The race last weekend is an appetizer of what people can expect during the rematch on March 16. Shishkin remains the favorite for the Champion Chase. However, Energumene might come up with an upset.

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