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How E-Sports Can Help Your Sportsbook Software

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How E-Sports Can Help Your Sportsbook Software

Last updated on February 16th, 2019 at 01:05 am

The top bookie pay per head solution companies all have E-sports offered to bookies. Why? Because as experts, they know just how big this industry will be. Today, we are seeing such a huge expansion of the market. In fact, e-sports can be one of the most profitable forms of sports betting in the future.

Traditionally, you have sports like football that dominate the market. But estimates are now putting E-sports to have a 26.7% increase in revenue this year, compared to 2018. This amounts to more than $1.1 billion. In one year. Alone.

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Of course, the E-sports industry is not just about the wagers. You are also talking about branding, advertising, media rights and sponsorships that can take up a lot of that total estimate.

The sudden growth of this industry is really more of increased awareness and interest in E-sports. You have a global audience, that can reach up to 453.8 million people. Of course, you already have a wide market of professional and expert E-sport fans. There will also be recreational and occasional users. And with this big a market, a lot of brands will want to promote their products through E-sports, so you will have money coming in from other industries, thus fueling the fire of E-sports.

As a bookie, you should be ready for this. Do not laugh at Farming Simulator Tournaments, since these can give prizes in the hundred-thousand-Euro range. Its time you study the various sports and games under the E-sports category, and find the best way to get your players in, or invite new players to participate in your sportsbook. The beauty of having your pay per head provider, is that you are not limited to a certain sport or place. E-sports has a widely international market, and you can grab a piece of that pie if you play your cards right.

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