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Mount Airy Retail Bookie Now Open for Business

Mount Airy Retail Bookie Now Open for Business
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Mount Airy Retail Bookie Now Open for Business

A couple of days after launching its online betting site, Mount Airy Casino opened a retail sportsbook on its property. The Mount Airy retail bookie had a soft launch Monday. After two days of testing, the casino officially launched it on Wednesday.

The timing for the opening of the Mount Airy retail bookie is just right for football games on the weekend. In fact, the Penn State vs Pittsburgh game is one of the most hyped football rivalries happening this weekend.

Mount Airy Casino was the first online bookie software licensee in Pennsylvania that launched its online sportsbook without a retail one. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was reluctant to allow a casino to launch an online betting site first before opening a sportsbook on its property. However, it seems like the board is no longer concerned about the order of the launch.

Mount Airy Retail Bookie Operation

Mount Airy Retail Bookie Now Open for Business

The retail sportsbook is on par with its online counterpart. It looks like Mount Airy Casino found becoming a bookie to be an easy task. You can find the retail sportsbook in place of the casino’s Gypsies Lounge. Also, the sportsbook has a floor area is 7,000 square feet. In case you want to play poker, the sportsbook is linked to the casino’s 12-table poker room.

The sportsbook features teller windows and self-service kiosks. Also, it has TV monitors that show live game broadcasts. Mount Airy officials told sports betting software insiders that the sportsbook will have FOX Bet branding to promote its online sports betting app.

Mount Airy retail sportsbook is open until midnight. If you are within the vicinity, it is the best place to watch NFL games and other sports events with other fans. The best thing about betting in the sportsbook is that there are no lines.

There are enough betting kiosks and teller windows. Also, you can opt to use the casino’s Fox Bet app to place your wagers.