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New Hampshire Casino Industry Shows Popularity of Charitable Gambling

New Hampshire Casino Industry Shows Popularity of Charitable Gambling
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New Hampshire Casino Industry Shows Popularity of Charitable Gambling

Last updated on June 29th, 2024 at 10:54 am

The Beach Club Casino in Hampton is a shining example of how the unique model of charitable gambling sets the New Hampshire casino industry apart. It prioritizes the community’s needs while providing guests with an enjoyable dining and gaming experience. CEO Greg Carlin’s commitment to increasing their charitable contributions to local nonprofit organizations.

His place and others in the state’s casinos are part of a special licensing system that allows gambling to support public education and charity. People can also run a sportsbook that supports nonprofits. The budget for the operation will include the cost of running a sportsbook and the amount they will give to nonprofits.

Twelve casinos currently operate in the state, and more are in the planning stages. Upon closer look, they resemble the casinos the state has long opposed. However, there’s a considerable factor differentiating charity gaming from commercial gambling. The proceeds go primarily to nonprofits rather than the public fund.

New Hampshire Casino Industry

New Hampshire Casino Industry Shows Popularity of Charitable GamblingAll charitable gaming activities are regulated by the state’s gaming statutes and overseen by the Lottery Commission.

Just recently, Carlin’s Beach Club Casino—formerly Ocean Gaming Casino—opened its doors to a revamped appearance. Also, it included an additional gaming floor and a new name.

The Beach Club Casino is at 81 Ocean Boulevard, opposite Hampton Beach. It is expected to donate up to $2 million annually to seventy-three nonprofits, nearly quadrupling its 2023 donation.

Gambling Sector in New Hampshire

The Lottery Commission oversees all gambling and gaming options in the state. It wasn’t until 2006 that lawmakers passed the first charitable gaming model. The Lottery regulates various gaming activities, including charitable gaming, lottery games, live and simulcast horse and greyhound racing, bingo, Lucky 7, and, more recently, sports betting through DraftKings. New Hampshire is credited with having the first state-run lottery, established in 1964.

Gaming casinos that focus on charity offer a variety of table games, such as roulette, and card games, such as blackjack and poker. A watershed moment came in 2021 when slot-like historic horse racing (HRR) machines were legalized at charity gambling establishments.

Machines that generate thousands of numbers at random, similar to those you might see in a Las Vegas slot machine, are used. A new random number is created the second you begin each play, deciding whether you win or lose.

Historic Horse Races

Using an extensive computerized database of possible races, HHR employs random combinations of already-conducted horse races. The machine’s gaming screen shows short versions of the races, which may have reels with symbols rotating like a slot machine when the bet is put.

Located at the Beach Club Casino, Carlin boasts 130 HHR machines. Among all the states, The Brook in Seabrook has the most machines, with 505 HHRs.

When played for a charitable cause, 35% of the total income goes to the cause. Lottery officials have stated that as of June 25th, gaming operators cannot charge nonprofits rent for the use of their facilities. Rather than being negative, the tax is zero on days when there are losses, but the state still receives 10% of overall income. As for the state tax varies depending on the type of game: There is a 3% player fee for poker tournaments and a 10% fee for all other games combined. Over half goes to the game operator.

Regarding sports betting, DraftKings is the state’s only legal online sports betting platform. However, many people want to become a bookie in New Hampshire. As a result, some future bookies take the first step by understanding pay per head to start a sportsbook.

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