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Alberta Sports Betting Takes Initial Step to Open Its Market

Alberta Sports Betting Takes Initial Step to Open Its Market
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Alberta Sports Betting Takes Initial Step to Open Its Market

Last updated on June 9th, 2024 at 10:10 am

Ontario is the only Canadian province with an open sports betting market. Legislators are paving the way for the legalization of the Alberta sports betting market, introducing competition. The Royal Assent received Bill 16, the Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act. The amendment allows third-party gaming operators alongside the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Commission.

The timeline for introducing sports betting in Alberta remains uncertain. However, the potential for this development to coincide with the Edmonton Oilers’ Stanley Cup Final appearance, as suggested by sportsbook pay per head experts, adds an intriguing strategic element to the situation.

As part of its efforts to diversify the gaming industry, the provincial government is exploring the potential of the Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Act. The focus is developing an internet gaming industry in Alberta, which could significantly transform the current gaming landscape.

Alberta Sports Betting Market

Alberta Sports Betting Takes Initial Step to Open Its MarketAboultaif announced last week that the Alberta government will start consulting First Nations communities across the province in July. The operators of the Racing Entertainment Center and casinos are also meeting with the regulators to discuss the next steps to become a bookie in the province. It demonstrated a shared commitment to the future of the sports betting market in Alberta.

Like many other jurisdictions, Alberta offers live internet gambling through its provincial lottery. In September 2021, the provinces were allowed to start offering single-event sports betting. AGLC then launched PlayAlberta.

The process did not surpass the 2021 RFP AGLC sent to commercial operators seeking to expand sports betting.

Stagnant Sports Betting Markets in Canada

There have been whispers of an expansion in Alberta since 2021, but now, only Ontario’s commercial online gaming sector is available to the public. Its gray-market transition period ended in October 2022, and its commercial market was introduced in April 2022. The outcomes met with the approval of the provincial authorities.

Over half a billion Canadian dollars (approximately USD 45 billion) was wagered by over 50 operators in Ontario’s second full year of online gambling. From a total of $35.6 billion (USD 26.5 billion) in the first year, the second-year handling increased by 77%.

In other news, Canadians want to eliminate sports betting ads. Thus, they are asking lawmakers to pass a law to that effect. The case for banning sports betting advertising in Canada was reiterated during Wednesday’s hearing.

As part of its second meeting this week, lawmakers discussed the National Framework on Advertising for Sports Betting Act (Bill S-269). Legislation is being considered that, as its name implies, would provide a framework for event betting advertisements throughout Canada. Still, some professionals would rather see outright bans than regulations.

According to Bruce Kidd, a former Olympic distance runner, and Campaign to Ban Advertising for Gambling member, gambling commercials have surged in Canada since 2021, when Alberta legalized single-game sports betting.

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