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Sportsbooks Celebrate Rare Super Bowl Trifecta

Sportsbooks Celebrate Rare Super Bowl Trifecta
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Sportsbooks Celebrate Rare Super Bowl Trifecta

Last updated on February 19th, 2022 at 03:32 am

We witnessed the rare Super Bowl trifecta for sports betting this year. The favorite won the Super Bowl last Sunday. However, the Los Angeles Rams didn’t cover. Also, the game went under the total.

Sportsbooks achieved the trifecta after the Rams won against the Bengals 23-20. However, they didn’t cover the 4.5 point spread, and the game went under the total of 48.5. Most players wagered on Los Angeles to score points. Also, most players wagered on the Bengals to win the game. In addition, most players wagered over the total whether they wanted the Rams or Bengals to win.

Los Angeles trailed 20-16 with around six minutes left when Matthew Stafford coordinated a game-dominating 15-play, 79-yard drive that resulted in the one-yard TD pass to Cooper Kupp with over a minute left in the game.

Rare Super Bowl Trifecta

Sportsbooks Celebrate Rare Super Bowl TrifectaIn the last moment, Joe Burrow walked Cincinnati to midfield before turning the ball over on downs when he failed to complete his fourth-and-1 pass. It was the most impressive Super Bowl win for bookie pay per head operators.

BetMGM won seven figures on the game despite a player winning two out of three $1 million bets put on the Rams on Saturday night at the Bellagio.

According to software sportsbook sources, the player won $1 million bets on Los Angeles -1/2 in the first quarter (7-3) and -2 1/2 in the half (13-10). In any case, a failed additional point attempt by Los Angeles in the second quarter cost the player $1 million on Los Angeles to go over its first-half group total of 13 1/2 points.

One more Caesars player lost $1.56 million in bets on the Rams – 4. Also, the sportsbook additionally won every one of the wagers put on Los Angeles when it brought the line down to 3 1/2 on Thursday. So it would be best to learn how to become a bookie from Caesars and adjust lines when needed.

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