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The NBA on Sports Betting

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The NBA on Sports Betting

Last updated on January 19th, 2019 at 04:35 am

Sports betting in the US is blowing up. As more states legalize regulated sports betting, the numbers on sports wagering is gradually increasing in the country. Those who are smart enough to get their own bookie pay per head service has it good, as they are a few steps ahead in the game.

Aside from states, the different sports leagues have been making headlines in the gambling news industry as well. You have different sports leagues joining partnerships with various casinos and sports betting operators left and right. This raises questions on the integrity of the leagues, with people wondering how game-fixing and the like are avoided. But this is not a totally new issue. The rest of the world has already been regulating sports betting. Also, countries have their own laws and sports leagues have their own agreements.

NBA on Sports Betting: Transparency Issues

One of the first leagues in the US to jump into sports betting partnerships is the NBA. NBA officials are hard at work to ensure that the league will not suffer any issues that can be a result of sports betting in the basketball industry. While the benefits of legalized sports betting, and partnerships with operators are profitable, it also requires a lot of balancing to keep the integrity of the league intact. This means monitoring the league, the teams, their players and their staff as well.

Currently, the NBA does not permit league as well as team personnel from anything such as fixing, betting, tipping and the like. They have also been studying other leagues abroad to see how to make this work. According to NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, the English Premier League is one of the leagues that they can study to learn the best way to go about with sponsorships, advertising, and the like.

And things are going smoothly, so far. NBC Sports is already including additional material on in-play wagering in some versions of their broadcasts,.

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