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UK Will Review Gambling Laws on Online Betting and Advertising

UK Will Review Gambling Laws on Online Betting and Advertising
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UK Will Review Gambling Laws on Online Betting and Advertising

The UK will review gambling laws on online betting and advertising. The government wants to investigate the rules regarding online promotions and wagering. Also, it wants to have additional protections for young people.

According to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, the Gambling Act is an analog law in a digital world. Today, online betting has become the norm. The Gambling Act review is part of the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto.

In the previous two years, the UK government banned using credit cards in online gambling sites. Also, they applied stricter age verification checks and capped wagers on in-store fixed-odds wagering terminals.

UK Will Review Gambling Laws

UK Will Review Gambling Laws on Online Betting and AdvertisingAccording to sportsbook pay per head reports, the UK wants to lower the minimum age to play the National Lottery from 16 to 18 years old. The Betting and Gaming Council welcomed the review. The gambling industry group hoped that the ministers focus on problem gamblers.

The gambling industry group said that the review should consider sportsbooks’ contribution to the UK economy.

The wide-reaching review wants to overhaul the gambling laws. It started with the initial call for evidence. It showed insights into what’s in store for live betting platform providers and the gambling industry in general.

Also, the government wants stricter regulation for the gambling industry. Some proposed changes include limits on online wagers, spin speeds, and prizes. Also, they want to have more stringent affordability checks.

Companies that create a sportsbook might not be able to sign a sports sponsorship deal in the future. Lawmakers want to ban sports sponsorship and have a mandatory levy to fund problem gambling treatment.

Advocates for stricter regulation welcomed the broad scope of the review. Also, more than 50 MPs support tighter controls. However, bookies and casino operators are worried about harsher restrictions.

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