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When Will We See Sportsbooks in Maine?

Sports Betting in Maine
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When Will We See Sportsbooks in Maine?

A lot of PPH sportsbook bookies take in clients who bet on US sports. They are, after all, recognized internationally, with leagues like the NBA, NFL and MLB enjoying a large fanbase outside the country. And while anyone can place wagers on these sports, the citizens of Maine are stuck with a tabled bill on sports betting. This means that potential operators will be losing potential profit for this season’s popular sports leagues and events without sportsbooks in Maine.

Sportsbooks in Maine Won’t be Until Next Season

The American Gaming Association estimates that 38 million Americans will be betting on the NFL this season alone. Maine ties with Rhode Island as the 2nd most number of adults looking to place wagers. Maine has a whopping 15% out of the 38 million.

Rhode Island already has legalized sports betting. But Maine’s 15% will be looking elsewhere to place wagers because the state will definitely not have anything in place for 2019. The earliest a bill can pass will be January. Assuming the discussion for LD 553 will be quick. If it passes early next year, locals are optimistic that betting in Maine could start before the NFL season starts next year.

The legislature wants more time to study the bill, especially since this involves the expansion of the gambling market. The bill proposes casinos, commercial tracks, Indian tribes, and of-track betting shops to take in sports betting if they apply for a license.

Despite the “expansion” of the market, however, noticeably absent in the potential of gaining more revenues through online sports betting. A rising number of people are placing bets through mobile or online sites. Sportsbook betting software providers see a rise in activity of their bookies. Some states are allowing bettors to place bets anywhere within the state, but it looks like Maine is sticking with a more traditional way to taking in wagers.