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Crystal Palace Fires Manager Patrick Viera

Crystal Palace Fires Manager Patrick Viera
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Crystal Palace Fires Manager Patrick Viera

Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 12:13 pm

Crystal Palace of the Premier League fired its manager Patrick Viera on Friday. He was the only black manager in the league since hiring in 2021. Also, three members of the coaching staff left the team.

According to sportsbook pay per head sources, Crystal Palace fired Viera because of the team’s poor performance in recent months. The team felt that changing its manager could help prevent Premier League relegation.

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish acknowledged that Viera gave his all to the team. Thus, they thank him and the other members of his coaching staff for their service.

Crystal Palace Fires Manager

Crystal Palace Fires Manager Patrick VieraAccording to the best bookie software, Palace is three points away from the relegation zone. It is in 12th place in the Premier League standings. Also, the club hasn’t won any games in 2023. It has a three-game losing streak after it lost against Brighton 1-0.

Palace has the worst point total in the Premier League in 2023, with just five out of a possible thirty-three.

On Sunday, Crystal Palace will face the league’s top team, Arsenal, on the road while the club is “in the process of selecting a new manager.”

As manager of the London club, Vieira took them to the FA Cup semifinals in his first season in charge and a 12th-place finish in the league. The English Premier League has no Black managers since Vieira’s dismissal.

Despite being just the 10th Black manager in the Premier League’s history (since its creation in 1992), Vieira voiced anger about the lack of diversity at the highest levels of the sport in a previous interview.

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