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Duke Won Against NC State in College Women’s Soccer Game

Duke Won Against NC State in College Women’s Soccer Game
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Duke Won Against NC State in College Women’s Soccer Game

Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 05:13 pm

Senior Mia Gyau scored the only goal of the game for Duke in the second half. Thus, Duke won against NC State in college women’s soccer action. It was her first goal of the season.

Duke kept NC State’s offense in check throughout the game. Also, they limited the Wolfpack to two shot attempts with no shot directed at the goal. It was Duke’s eighth shutout victory of the season. Also, the team rebounded from its first loss of the season last week at West Virginia.

According to bookie software reports, Duke’s performance showed the players’ character as they came out to win against NC State. Their opponent was good, thanks to coach Tim Santoro. Thus, it was a big win for Duke while on the road.

Duke Won Against NC State

Duke Won Against NC State in College Women’s Soccer GameDuke coach Robbie Church said that they controlled the ball well in the game against NC State. It was a different story last week when they game up the ball too many times. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, Duke worked on their ball control. Thus, they came up on top this week.

The teams exchanged possessions in the first half. However, both squads failed to sustain consistent offensive pressure. Grace Watkins subbed in at the 27th minute and found a scoring opportunity right away. However, NC State goalie Maria Echezarreta managed to block it.

Duke controlled the early parts of the second half, as they kept the ball deep inside NC State territory. Also, they got two shots on goal in the first ten minutes. They finally scored at the 60-minute mark as Caitlin Cosme connected with Gyau with a through ball. Then, Gyau dribbled the ball towards the goal and scored.

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