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F1 Comeback for Alex Albon in Singapore Grand Prix

F1 Comeback for Alex Albon in Singapore Grand Prix
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F1 Comeback for Alex Albon in Singapore Grand Prix

Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 05:28 am

Formula One drivers love to push their bodies and minds to the limits. They strive to sustain their concentration through the race and simultaneously endure high g force. One story that embodied drivers’ resiliency is the F1 comeback for Alex Albon in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Williams driver Albon returned to driving an F1 car after three weeks of leaving intensive care. Also, the Singapore GP is described as the most challenging race on the F1 circuit. Albon suffered from appendicitis during the Italian Grand Prix and had surgery.

Unfortunately, Albon suffered from post-surgery complications that resulted in respiratory failure. As a result, he had to spend time in intensive care with mechanical ventilation attached to his body.

Albon in Singapore Grand Prix

F1 Comeback for Alex Albon in Singapore Grand PrixAlbon missed the Italian Grand Prix. Instead, he spent race day in the hospital. According to iGambling Insiders, Albon woke up 30 minutes before the race. Thus, he watched it in the hospital bed. Doctors and nurses monitored his heart rate and told him to switch the race off.

According to pay per head bookie sources, the hospital discharged Albon two days after his surgery. He was grateful to the doctors who got ensured he was healthy. Also, he focused on the Singapore GP as he prepared for it in the gym and cryotherapy chamber.

The last time Albon raced on the Marina Bay Street Circuit was in 2019, the last time the nation hosted an F1 Grand Prix. He finished sixth for team Red Bull. He had P16 in both practices and qualified in P19 for the Sunday race.

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