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Mavericks Forced Game 5 By Steamrolling Celtics

Mavericks Forced Game 5 By Steamrolling Celtics
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Mavericks Forced Game 5 By Steamrolling Celtics

The Dallas Mavericks forced Game 5 in the NBA Finals after they beat the Boston Celtics 122-84. It was one of the most lopsided games in the league’s playoff history. Also, the series heads back to Boston on Monday.

Despite the Dallas Mavericks’ impressive performance, the Boston Celtics, with their unwavering resilience, are determined to turn the tide. They are focused on working out their strategies and are not ready to give up on pursuing the NBA-record 18th title. The Mavericks have consistently outscored the Hornets in each of the last four games of this series, and this game was no exception.

According to basketball betting news reports, much history was made throughout the match. The 38-point advantage is the third-largest blowout in Finals history, behind only 47 and 46 points, respectively. Under head coach Joe Mazzulla, the Celtics had never scored less than 35 points in a half until this one. Until now, no Maverick had ever scored 25 points in a half of the Finals like Luka Doncic did at halftime.

Mavericks Forced Game 5 in NBA Finals

Mavericks Forced Game 5 By Steamrolling CelticsAccording to sportsbook pay per head experts, the game was already decided by the third quarter. The Celtics and Mavericks withdrew their starting lineups. However, the havoc continued with bench players like Tim Hardaway Jr for the Mavs.

However, it is still only considered a win once. Going into Game 5, the Celtics will have a few advantages, such as playing at home, having more rest than anticipated, and possibly having Kristaps Porzingis ready. Game 4 saw no action from the Latvian big man, who was supposedly prepared “if necessary.” If he were only here, Boston would have no trouble adjusting.

Doncic scored thirteen of his twenty-nine points in the opening frame, giving Dallas a lead they would not give up. He set an example for the Mavs defense by playing defense with dignity and effort for the first time, and the Mavs held the Celtics to an awful 84 points on little over 36% shooting. His team played with poise instead of chaos, and they won in part because he stopped being such an angry man kid and yelling at the referees. This is becoming a trend.

In addition to his 29 points, five rebounds, five assists, and three steals, Dončić shot 12-of-26 from the field. Kyrie Irving had 21 points, six assists, and four boards on 10-of-18 shooting.

Celtics Have 3 More Chances to Win the NBA Title

It’s hardly a fluke that gentlemen’s sweeps exist. Regardless of the result, the Celtics had to return home on Friday night, and it’s evident that they lost part of their passion, courage, and concentration after being so close to winning the championship. That is the essence of being human. As a team, Dallas was playing to avoid embarrassment while also enjoying the freedom that comes with knowing the series is eventually over.

Such was the case in 2017 when the Golden State Warriors had not lost a postseason game up to that point in their 15-game winning streak and eventually went up 3-0 in the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the fourth game, the score was 21–21 in their loss. In these scenarios, they usually won the title a few days later.

The NBA Finals might be coming to an end soon. However, there are still many sports to bet on. Thus, you can start a betting website and earn money from other tournaments and events.

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