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Women’s Euro 2022: England vs Germany

Women's Euro 2022: England vs. Germany
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Women’s Euro 2022: England vs Germany

Last updated on July 30th, 2022 at 07:45 pm

It will be England vs Germany in the finals of the Women’s Euro 2022. Also, more than 480,000 fans have watched the tournament matches live so far. It broke the previous record of around 240,000 fans in attendance during the Euro 2017 tournament in the Netherlands.

Also, the record didn’t consider the attendance during Sunday’s final match at the Wembley Stadium. According to sports betting solution sources, around 87,000 will watch the game between England and Germany. Thus, it will break the current record for a Euros final of 79,000 set during the 1964 final match between the former Soviet Union and Spain in Madrid.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, around 100,000 children watched Euro 2022 games live. Also, 47 percent of fans are women.

England vs Germany

Women's Euro 2022: England vs. GermanyEngland women’s team is the most talented squad of all time. They massacred Norway 8-0. After that, they won against Sweden 4-0. According to sportsbook software providers, it was only the fourth time England won against Sweden. Also, it was one of the best performances of the Lionesses.

However, it was not always an easy path for England heading to the final match. First, the team struggled against Austria. Also, the team had to come from behind to win against Spain in the quarterfinals.

England will face its most challenging opponent in the final game. Germany won eight out of the 12 Euro Championship. Also, it was the defending champion for 22 years before it was defeated in the quarterfinals in 2017.

England’s head coach Sarina Wigman was part of the Netherland’s squad that won the Euro 2017 title. Thus, she knows the importance of England winning the game on Sunday. She said the win could inspire a new generation of girls to play soccer. Therefore, England will approach the match as any other. As a result, they are not considering the rivalry between Germany and England.

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