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Casino Pay Per Head Services

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Casino Pay Per Head Services

Casino Pay Per Head ServicesLeasing an online casino platform in the past was expensive. You needed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on the online casino software alone. The good news is that by using a pay per head casino service, you only pay a fraction of the cost you normally pay to open an online casino.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to start an online casino. You only need to pay as low as $9 per player. Also, the casino and sportsbook pay per head solution will provide you with sports betting and horse racing platform along with the online casino.

As the top bookie pay per head firm, we will make sure you can launch an online betting platform in just a few minutes.

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Casino Pay Per Head Services for $9 Per Head

You can have an online casino platform in just three easy steps.

Casino Pay Per Head Services1. Sign up with 9DollarPerHead.com

It is easy. You don’t even need to provide any personal information. We just need a username and password. That’s it. Once you submitted the form, wait for an email. Once you’ve received the email, you can go to the next step.

2. Create Player Accounts

The next step is to create player accounts for your casino players. You can set the parameters for the profiles, such as:

  • Username, password, and other user data
  • Credit and access limits
  • Wager limits
  • Types of casino games and betting options

3. Casino Player Management

The last step is to manage the player accounts. You can do that by logging into the casino management platform. There you will find the tools that allow you to monitor players and their activities in your online casino.

Best Casino PPH Platform

Our casino software uses different online casino platforms. Also, we strive to improve our platform by adding new games and features.

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