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Offer More Betting Options with Prop Bet Builder Software

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Offer More Betting Options with Prop Bet Builder Software

prop bet builder softwareThe best way to give players more sports betting options is through our prop bet builder software. 9DollarPerHeadcan take your sports betting website to the next level with our prop building platform. It allows players to create their own personal wagering experience. Also, they can share their prop bets with their friends. Thus, watching sports become more exciting. It will also bring more handle to your sportsbook.

Our prop bet builder platform can calculate sports odds in real-time. Thus, it can come up with the odds as soon as a user creates prop bets. The prop builder bookie software offers hundreds of sports betting opportunities on a single game.

The more wagering options the sportsbook has, the more wagers it can accept. Thus, the player prop bet builder software is a good addition to your sports betting operations. Also, it can help you optimize your profits.

Prop Bet Builder Software and More

9DollarPerHead.com will help you learn how to be a successful bookie in no time. We offer the prop bet builder platform with our pay per head services for an affordable price of $9 dollar per player. Also, we provide technical and customer service support to help you with your sports betting venture.

We use the latest sports betting software technology that can seamlessly incorporate the prop builder into the sportsbook. If you employ our services, the software is already part of our basic package. You don’t need to do anything. The software will compute the odds for you and post them in the sports betting platform right away.

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