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Live Betting Platform

Live Betting PlatformGive your players a live betting platform that will allow them to wager on sports events as they progress in real-time. Players will have more betting options and make wagering on sports more exciting.

Players get to place more than three to four wagers on a single game when you use live sports betting software. The sportsbook will earn more profits by increasing the number of wagers you can accept on a single game.

That’s why you must use a sportsbook pay per head solution with live in-game betting software, such as the one offered by 9DollarPerHead.com.

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Live Betting PlatformOur live in-game wagering platform is ideal for both small and large bookie businesses. Types of wagers placed in live in-game betting include prop bets and typical bets such as totals, money line, and spread wagers.

The live betting software processes the wager instantaneously for a prop, or after the end of the quarter, halftime, or match depending on the type of bet made.

Why Use 9DollarPerHead.com In-Game Betting Software

We offer a modern live in-game betting platform that will make you and your players feel at ease all the time. Also, we make sure our servers can handle all the wagers in real-time. That way, your players can see the results as soon as the action is over.

When you offer a live in-game betting platform, you will set your sportsbook apart from the competition. Also, you can compete with bigger online bookies with the premium feature. It will increase the overall hold percentage for the money wagered on a single game.

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