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Gamblers to Bet on Fake NBA Games
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Gamblers to Bet on Fake NBA Games

The National Basketball Association is creating a virtual sports betting game. NBA Last 90 will allow fans to bet on fake NBA games. In addition, the new game will use random highlights from previous games and combine them. Gamblers will bet on the results. NBA Last 90 is the product of the partnership between the […]

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The NBA on Sports Betting

Sports betting in the US is blowing up. As more states legalize regulated sports betting, the numbers on sports wagering is gradually increasing in the country. Those who are smart enough to get their own bookie pay per head service has it good, as they are a few steps ahead in the game. Aside from […]

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Sports Betting Collection to Cover Pensions

Any pay per head bookie will tell you that sports betting does make one earn a lot. In the US, the growing market could go as high as $150 billion. And this amount is before the PASPA reversal last May 2018. The numbers from gambling news resources are actually closer to around $67 billion per […]

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