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Become an Online Bookie

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Become an Online Bookie

Do you want to become an online bookie? We are here to help you. Here’s a guide on how to become a bookie in three easy steps.

Our mission is to direct people on the right path to becoming a bookie. Our pay per head bookie allows you to start a sportsbook at an affordable rate. However, using the right PPH solution is the first step. After that, there are several things you need to master, including marketing, psychology, customer service, and sales.

If you follow our guide on how to be a bookie, you’ll have a successful sportsbook in no time. The best thing about it is that you will spend only $9 per active player.

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How to Become a Bookie

Become an Online BookieThere are several things you need to expect when you become an online bookie. However, expectations do vary based on your lifestyle and goals. Therefore, we present you with some things to expect when running a sportsbook. Some factors include time, money, and other vital aspects of a sportsbook operation.

  • Time – You need to spend time maintaining a sportsbook. If you want the bookie business to grow, you need to spend more time attracting players.
  • Money – Before becoming a bookie, you need to know how much money you need to start and maintain the sports betting business. If you are running a typical sportsbook, you will earn between five and ten percent of the bets you take.

The success of the bookie business depends on how good you are in accepting bets, attracting players, and managing lines. You can streamline the operation with the right PPH bookie software.

Become an Online Bookie in 3 Easy Steps

Become an Online BookieBecoming a bookie is easy by following these steps:

1. Register with 9DollarPerHead.com

The first step is to create an account with 9DollarPerHead.com. We offer an affordable sportsbook solution for $9 per active player. It takes a couple of minutes to sign up for an account.

2. Attract Players

The next step is to attract players. Most new bookies start with their friends and family. Also, you can get more players via referrals.

3. Launch the Sportsbook

The last step is to launch the sportsbook with the help of our bookie software. Players can sign up and wager on sports right after the launch of the sportsbook. Also, there’s no need to worry about betting options. The software can generate lines for you.

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