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NHL Tiebreaker Procedures to Determine the Western Conference Series

NHL Tiebreaker Procedures to Determine the Western Conference Series
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NHL Tiebreaker Procedures to Determine the Western Conference Series

Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 01:57 pm

The National Hockey League is down to the last day of its regular season. Although we already know the Eastern Conference matchups, two of the four Western Conference series are not. If two teams end up tied with the same points, here are the NHL tiebreaker procedures:

  • Regulation wins
  • Regulation and overtime wins
  • Total wins
  • Most points during head-to-head matches
  • Goal differences
  • Total goals

You can see the results on Tuesday. The Philadelphia Flyers needed a regulation victory over the Washington Capitals if they wanted to retain their Eastern Conference playoff spot. Based on goal difference, they would have triumphed over the Capitals, tying them in the first four categories. Additionally, the Flyers required regulation losses from the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Philadelphia Flyers made a last-ditch effort to secure their Eastern Conference playoff spot. They benched their goalkeeper in favor of an extra skater, hoping to turn the tide in their favor. However, their move backfired when T.J. Oshie of the Washington Capitals scored into an empty net, sealing Washington’s victory and eliminating the Penguins, Red Wings, and Flyers. According to hockey betting software experts, this unexpected twist also earned the Capitals the second wild-card berth.

NHL Tiebreaker Procedures

NHL Tiebreaker Procedures to Determine the Western Conference SeriesAccording to pay per head bookie experts, the Kings are now behind the Golden Knights in points scored (98 to 97). With a Thursday victory over the Chicago Blackhawks, the Kings will finish with 99 points. If the Kings were to lose in a shootout or overtime, they would end up with 98 points. Three possible point totals exist for the Golden Knights (who face the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday). Finally, a first-round meeting with the Edmonton Oilers awaits the top seed, who will determine the total number of points. Instead, the opposing squad would play the Stars of Dallas. Ultimately, the Kings and the Golden Knights might finish with the same number of points—99 or 98.

Due to their superior record in regulation, the Kings secure the championship. So, the Kings would meet the Oilers. Faced with the Stars, the Golden Knights would be demoted to the second wild-card seed position. Regarding tiebreakers, the Predators (99 points) hold the upper hand over the Kings and Golden Knights, ensuring they will be the first wild card.

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