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Ontario Online Gambling Outpacing Sports Betting

Ontario Online Gambling Outpacing Sports Betting
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Ontario Online Gambling Outpacing Sports Betting

Last updated on July 22nd, 2023 at 03:22 pm

According to the latest reports, players in Ontario wagered a total of CA$14 billion in the year’s second quarter. Also, players placed around CA$11.6 billion on online casino games. Players wagered CA$2 billion on sports. Peer-to-peer poker contributed the remaining amount. Thus, Ontario online gambling is outpacing sports wagering.

The latest report painted showed Ontario’s competitive market between online gaming and sports wagering. According to bookie pay per head solutions experts, the provincial government launched its regulated online gambling market in April 2022. Also, it is the first Canadian province to regulate its iGaming market.

Bookie PPH analysts believe that the expansion of regulated online casinos lured n casual players to the province. Also, it included people who have not gambled in casinos. At present, Ontario has more than 900,000 active players in the last three quarters.

Ontario Online Gambling

Ontario Online Gambling Outpacing Sports BettingFrom April through June, total wagers produced $545 million in gaming income. The market brought in $162 million over the same period last year, the first quarter of its existence.

Ontario has issued licenses to more than sixty online casinos and betting businesses by 2023. That is a number that no other state or province has even come close to matching.

According to the IGO, the newly regulated market generated $35.6 billion in wagers between April 2022 and the end of March 2023. During that period, people spent about $28 billion at casinos and on P2P bingo. That’s around $42 billion, or four times the amount wagered annually in the United States.

The IGO estimates that in that first year, operators collected $1.4 billion in gaming revenues from all forms of gambling. About $260 million in gaming profits went to the Ontario government then.

According to 9DollarPerHead.com sources, the government of Ontario acknowledges the market’s performance while also praising the aid for problem gamblers and consumer safeguards it has established.

Attorney General’s Office spokesman Andrew Kennedy said $31 million is allocated annually by the province to combat compulsive gambling. He also mentioned that $25 million is allocated to treatment programs and $6 million to education and prevention.

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