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Rutter’s store may soon get Digital Gambling Machines

Rutter’s store may soon get Digital Gambling Machines
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Rutter’s store may soon get Digital Gambling Machines

Last updated on December 11th, 2018 at 04:51 pm

According to the latest gambling news, Rutter’s store may soon get Digital Gambling Machines in York County, PA. This is because Rutter’s, a chain of convenient store is planning on having gambling machines in 5 of their locations.

Rutter’s convenient store has 69 locations and employs over 2,000 employees in central Pennsylvania.  Needless to say, they are looking to take advantage of legal gambling in Pennsylvania to increase their profit margin. Thus, Rutter’s chain of store in York County is doing just that.

Since gambling revenue has given over $385 million to Pennsylvania this year alone, other companies want in on the action. In fact, according to bookie pay per head experts, Pennsylvania is earning $1 million a day in gambling revenues. Even though the majority of money comes from licensing fees, tax revenue will soon follow.

Just the beginning of the Gambling Expansion

Rutter’s store may soon get Digital Gambling MachinesGambling in Pennsylvania is expanding at a very rapid rate and includes more than just truck stop gambling machines. However, truck stop gambling expansion is doing well because 23 truck stop locations gotten the go ahead from the PGCB.

The locations that have been approval include the Sunoco under Raj Pike Management Corporation in Carlisle.  In addition, Gettysburg Travel Plaza in Gettysburg and the Sonoco in York Springs will also be getting digital gambling machines.

Despite the new approvals, Dough Harbach, the gaming board spokesperson does not expect them to launch until the “first quarter of 2019”.

For Rutter’s in York County, the locations include:

  • 4425 W. Market St, West Manchester Township
  • 129 Leader Heights, York Township
  • 2125 Susquehanna Trail, Manchester Township
  • 362 N. Main St, York, Loganville
  • 201 Cool Springs Road, Wrightsville

According to Pay Per Head news, truck stops in Pennsylvania can have up to 5 digital gambling machines.  In addition, these machines only accept cash and have a $5 maximum bet with a $1,000 maximum payout.

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