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Organizers of Mexico City Marathon Investigating Cheating Claims

Organizers of Mexico City Marathon Investigating Cheating Claims
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Organizers of Mexico City Marathon Investigating Cheating Claims

Last updated on September 9th, 2023 at 05:28 pm

Mexico City Marathon organizers are looking into claims of unsportsmanlike conduct during the race. The Sports Institute of Mexico City wants to identify participants who cheated during the race. Also, the organizers will invalidate their times.

After the Spanish news outlet Marca reported that as many as 11,000 runners had been disqualified for doping, INDEPORTE issued a second statement on August 31 expressing their disappointment that some sports news outlets and some journalist accounts on social media are spreading false information about competitors with irregular times.

The INDEPORTE authorities believe that slightly more than 2,000 runners did not complete the international marathon on August 27; whether this includes cheaters or injured runners hoping to receive a participation medal is unknown.

Cheating During the Mexico City Marathon

Organizers of Mexico City Marathon Investigating Cheating ClaimsThe event’s communications coordinator, Carlos Ochoa, warned sports media outlets that the statistics they have been reporting are inaccurate.

According to a person familiar with the situation, the business analyzing the runners’ data will reportedly provide its findings on how many people dropped out of the 42-kilometer race this coming Thursday.

On Friday, officials plan to announce the findings of their investigation into the race’s unfinished participants. At this point, the form of the alleged cheating will take is unknown.

A total of 3,090 runners from the 2018 Mexico City event were disqualified, according to the race’s organizers, who did not elaborate on the specific cheating incidents that led to the disqualifications.

According to the rules of World Athletics, the Mexico City Marathon is considered a “Gold Label” marathon, the second-highest degree of distinction for such events. The existence of an international elite marathon race is what gives rise to that moniker.

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