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Young Fan Hugs Messi in the Middle of a Match

Young Fan Hugs Messi in the Middle of a Match
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Young Fan Hugs Messi in the Middle of a Match

People who wore Argentina’s number 10 jersey always displayed fantastic gameplay. In the friendly match between Argentina and Australia, a young fan wearing the jersey ran into the pitch and hugged Lionel Messi.

The fan evaded security officials as he sprinted the length of half the pitch to high-five the Argentinian goalie. However, it was not his final act. His goal was to hug Messi.

According to the best pay per head bookie, a video of the fan’s exploits has gone viral on Chinese social media networks. It showed him jumping from the stands before he ran toward Messi and hugged him. Also, it showed Messi hugging the fan back.

As the audience cheers, three security guards give pursuit. Also, the first one collapsed as the young fan manages to escape his hands. The supporter outruns the other two security officers and high-fives Argentine goalie Emiliano Martinez as he raises his hands. The security guards don’t find the fan until he stumbles over his feet. At this point, he is returned to the stands and treated like a hero.

Young Fan Pitch Invader

Young Fan Hugs Messi in the Middle of a MatchAccording to sports betting software reports, the arrival of Messi, 35, in Beijing on Saturday has generated tremendous attention across China. For many spectators, the brief intermission was one of the most amusing parts of the event.

There was a lot of jubilation on Chinese social media. They cheered the fan who ran free over the field.

In a population still reeling from the anguish of three years of Covid restrictions and feeling the strain of a weakening economy, his bold rush past security lines has become a symbol of freedom and youthful vigor for some.

According to Chinese official broadcaster Global Times, the 68,000-capacity Workers’ Stadium match ran out of tickets in 20 minutes, with some touts selling them online for as much as four times the face value of 4,800 yuan ($670).

Chinese state media said Messi and his squad were “locked” in their Beijing hotel over the weekend due to the enormous number of supporters waiting outside.

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