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How to Open a Football Betting Business

How to Open a Football Betting Business
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How to Open a Football Betting Business

Last updated on March 17th, 2024 at 03:06 pm

While football is not the most popular sports in the US betting market, it is by far the most profitable. Or at least, it is for sportsbooks which is why the slow betting season starts after the Super Bowl. Therefore, it is no wonder most football bettors have at one time or another thought about being a football bookie. Thus, in this bookie tutorial, we go over How to Open a Football Betting Business the fast and easy way!

Before we begin, let’s start by answering the most common questions about starting an NFL or NCAA Football Sportbook. This way, you can decide whether being an NFL Bookie is the right career path for you

Most Common Questions about Opening a Football Betting BusinessQ. When Should I Open a Football Sportsbook?

A. If you want to be a football bookie, then a good time to start would be before the NFL Preseason. This is because you can maximize your profits by starting from the start to the end of the football season. However, if you use a Bookie PPH to start your business, anytime during the football season is fine

Q. How Much Money do I needs

A. With a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service, you do not need a lot of money to become a bookie. This is because you only pay a small weekly fee active player. The best deal in the industry is with 9DollarPerhead.com as you pay from $2 to $5 per player. Thus, if you have a small operation with low limits, you would only need a few thousand in capital.

Q. How Much Money can I make

A. The amount of money you can make as a bookie is endless. It all depends on how many players you have. The more players you have and the more money they wager the more money you can make. This is because a bookie makes money from the “juice” of “Vig” which is a type of commission. In general, the Vig is 10% which means you make 10% of every wager made.
Of course, you may lose money or make more money when the betting on each side is uneven. Thus, it is important that bookies keep the betting even on both sides to ensure profit no matter who wins the game.

A small bookie business with about 50 players can usually make a few thousand dollars per month

How to Open a Football Betting Website in 3 Easy Steps

Without a doubt the easiest way to Open a Football Sportsbook is by using the Bookie Pay Per Head method. While you can open a sportsbook from scratch, it takes a lot of money to do it that way. However, with a Pay Per Head, you only need a few thousand to become a football bookie.

Step 1. Open a Bookie Pay Per Head Account with 9DollarPerHead.com  – It only takes a few seconds to fill out and the first 2 weeks are free with not deposit or obligation.


Step 2. Log in to your 9DollarPerHead.com account and start managing your players – You just need to create your customer’s betting account, set limits for them and manage them!

Step 3. Start Taking Bets and Make Money – Give your players their login info and give them a link to one of our many sportsbook websites. From there, you can just relax and watch as you make money every time they bet!

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Become a Bookie with 9DollarPerHead.com

Why Use the 9DollarPerHead Pay Per Head Solution to Become a Football Bookie

For only $5 or less per player, you everything you need to start a fully functional sportsbook with 9DollarPerHead.com. This includes the sports betting software, lines managers, phone and customer service operators and sportsbook websites.

And these are just some of the Bookie Pay Per Head Features our of PPH Service

Advantage of Using 9DollarPerHead.com for Your Football Betting Operation

  • Player management tool
  • Set player access and limits
  • Ability to Give Player Bonuses
  • Create and edit player accounts
  • Comprehensive Player Reports
  • Player risk management features
  • Master Agent Options
  • And much more
  • Sports Betting on Local and International Sports
  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
  •  digital casino
  • live dealer casino
  • access to our telephone service
  • Mobile Betting

Open a Football Bookie Business for $5 or Less Per Player with 9DollarPerHead.ccom

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Become a Bookie with 9DollarPerHead.com