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Bookie News – Half of All Americans to Bet on Super Bowl

Bookie News - Half of All Americans to Bet on Super Bowl
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Bookie News – Half of All Americans to Bet on Super Bowl

Last updated on February 5th, 2021 at 06:50 pm

Enjoying the Super Bowl usually means engaging in some type of wager. However, this year’s NFL main event looks different from the previous ones. Bookies expect more than half of the US population to bet on Super Bowl.

Despite the high unemployment rate, bettors are likely to wager at least $100 on the Chiefs vs. Bucs game. Generation X and Millennials are likely to place large wagers, even though they are the demographics hardest hit by the pandemic.

According to the latest football and basketball news reports, fewer people are willing to wager on the Super Bowl than last year. Research showed that more than 2.3 million Americans would bet on Sunday’s game. Thus, the number of bettors would be three million less than the previous year.

Americans Bet on Super Bowl LV

Bookie News - Half of All Americans to Bet on Super BowlAccording to bookie pay per head sources, Americans will spend around $4.3 billion on Super Bowl wagers this year. It would be a 37 percent decline from last year’s total. Most of the bets will be made between friends and family. Also, fewer players will wager at a sportsbook or an office pool this year.

Online wagering got a significant boost from the pandemic. Analysts expect around 7.6 million Americans will wager on the Bucs vs. Chiefs game through a mobile app or website. It is an increase of 63 percent from last year’s numbers.

Also, 25 states and DC legalized sports wagering. Thirteen states will open their sports betting markets in the next couple of months. Thus, many sports betting insiders expect the Super Bowl to generate the most significant single-event handle in American legal sports wagering history. More players are opting for legal sportsbooks over grey market offshore sites.

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