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MGA Wants Unlicensed Operators to Self-Report Activities

MGA Wants Unlicensed Operators to Self-Report Activities
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MGA Wants Unlicensed Operators to Self-Report Activities

Last updated on February 19th, 2023 at 10:24 am

The Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA, wants unlicensed operators to self-report their activities. It pertains to companies that have licenses in European jurisdictions but don’t have MGA licenses.

According to Regulation 22 of the Gamin Authorizations Regulations, companies that offer games from or in Malta and don’t have a license should contact the MGA. Also, the regulator pointed out that its request is related to companies licensed under any European Union state. In addition, it wants operators to comply with Maltese standards.

Based on bookie pay per head reviews, the companies should apply for a recognition notice from the MGA. Also, it wants companies to apply for a license if they’re going to operate from or in Malta. The companies have until April 14 to comply with this request.

MGA Wants Unlicensed Operators to Self-Report

MGA Wants Unlicensed Operators to Self-Report ActivitiesAccording to the best bookie software, the conclusion reached by the regulator is that it will take a more lenient stance when taking action against illegal gaming if the company in question has self-reported its illicit activity.

The MGA encouraged those interested in the self-reporting initiative to get in touch with the relevant authorities. Without a license, businesses that want to launch a new website can contact the MGA.

As for other recent developments in Malta, the island’s authority updated its Player Protection Directive a month ago. According to bookie PPH sources, the MGA based its changes on comments from a particular consultation procedure and mandated that enterprises with appropriate licenses keep an eye out for indicators of potential damage.

In a nutshell, the MGA wants casinos to monitor their customers’ activity. Also, operators need to step in if they notice any warning indications of problem gambling. The MGA may also prevent monetary fraud like money laundering by keeping tabs on questionable behavior.

On January 12, the new rules went into effect. The release stated that the change showed the authority’s commitment to responsible gaming and cleared the path for future framework changes and enhancements.

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