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Pitch Clock Violation Negated a Walk-Off Walk of the Braves

Pitch Clock Violation Negated a Walk-Off Walk of the Braves
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Pitch Clock Violation Negated a Walk-Off Walk of the Braves

Atlanta Braves Cal Conley thought he won the game with a walk-off walk with two outs and the bases loaded. However, the umpire indicated a strike three as Conley took a couple of steps toward first base.

As the game ended, Conley, his teammates, and fans booed the call. The pitch clock violation is part of the new rules the MLB implemented to improve the pacing of play. Also, the league used it on the first day of spring training.

According to 9DollarPerHead.com sources, Conley faced Red Sox reliever Robert Kwiatkowski in the final inning with two strikes. However, he wasn’t set in the batting box as the clock ran down from eight seconds. Violation of the pitch clock rule is an automatic strike. As a result, the game ended in a tie. Also, Kwiatkowski earned a strikeout after throwing only two strikes.

Pitch Clock Violation

Pitch Clock Violation Negated a Walk-Off Walk of the BravesIn the bottom of the first inning against Seattle, Manny Machado was called for an automatic strike because he wasn’t ready in the box within the time limit. However, that play didn’t compare to the dramatic moment when a pitch hit him.

According to bookie PPH sources, the pitch clock is one of the new regulations that has been included to increase game speed. The teams will have 30 seconds between innings to get back to bat. In the absence of runners on base, pitchers are given 15 seconds between pitches. In addition, they have 20 seconds when there are runners on base. Before time runs out, the pitcher must begin his delivery. Then, when the pitcher has the ball back, the catcher is in the on-deck circle, and the batter is ready to bat, the time begins ticking again.

The pitch clock may encourage more on-field sign theft, leading managers to bypass the third base coach.

Two seasoned managers, Dusty Baker and Buck Showalter, agree.

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