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Pay Per Head Hot Topic – Coronavirus Gambling Regulations

Pay Per Head Hot Topic – Coronavirus Gambling Regulations
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Pay Per Head Hot Topic – Coronavirus Gambling Regulations

Consumer action groups and lawmakers are trying to protect consumers from gambling operators who want to take advantage of the current health crisis. Thus, regulators from across the globe implemented new coronavirus gambling regulations.

Despite what the popular opinion might be, there’s no increase in betting during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Director of Regulatory Affairs of Rank Group David Williams. He noted that things are more manageable than before the lockdowns.

Regulators expected more dramatic changes in players’ behavior. Despite no changes in gambling behavior, countries implemented new gambling regulations out of anxiety. Some rules included affordability limits that the best pay per head bookie said don’t make sense.

Coronavirus Gambling Regulations

Pay Per Head Hot Topic – Coronavirus Gambling RegulationsAccording to pay per head reviews, governments can’t assess what consumers can afford because spending habits are changing during lockdowns. Williams talked about the voluntary stoppage of radio and TV ads in the UK by several major gambling firms.

The biggest gambling operators in the UK promised to stop all their radio and TV ads during the coronavirus pandemic. Bet365, GVC Holdings, William Hill, and Flutter Entertainment voluntarily removed their ads during the lockdown. They are all members of the Betting and Gaming Council of the UK.

They would implement the new policy as soon as possible but no later than May 7. The ads stoppage will last until June 5. After the said date, the companies will reassess the situation. Based on pay per head bookie reports, ad units that are already paid would be replaced by safer gambling messages, removed from broadcast, or donated to charities.

BGC said that its members are making a move despite the drop in their ad expenditures. Also, they are suffering from a decrease in gambling revenue due to the lockdown.

Williams said that the industry proved it could self-regulate with their recent actions. Also, it showed they were responsible. Also, experts point out that some coronavirus measures are temporary. However, they can become permanent after the pandemic.

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