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Boston Pro Sports Teams Take the Lead against Racism

Boston Pro Sports Teams Take the Lead against Racism
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Boston Pro Sports Teams Take the Lead against Racism

Boston sports fans shouted racist stuff to visiting Orioles outfielder Adam Jones in 2017. The incident tarnished the city’s reputation. Also, it made Boston pro sports teams to united in the fight against racism.

The Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, and Red Sox are part of the initiative known as Take the Lead. As part of the program, they play an anti-racism announcement during their home games. Also, the program includes a one-year fellowship for people of color and a diversity sports career summit. Their goal is to improve minority representation within the pro sports teams’ offices in the city.

The Red Sox management started Take the Lead after the 2017 racist incident. However, the program alone can’t help in healing the city’s racial wounds. According to a survey, black people named Boston as the least welcoming metropolis in the US.

Boston Pro Sports Teams

Boston Pro Sports Teams Take the Lead against RacismBoston struggled to handle its dark racist history. However, the NAACP is hopeful that the Boston pro sports teams can unify people to fight against racism. President of the NAACP’s Boston chapter Tanisha Sullivan said that the Red Sox did a good job in handling the incident involving Jones.

Last year, team petitioned to rename the Yawkey Way back to its original name, Jersey Street. The street got its name from the former Red Sox owner, Tom Yawkey. However, his legacy was marred when the team was the last one to sign up a black player during his time.

Majority of people in attendance during home games of Boston pro sports teams is white. The best bookie pay per head said that high ticket prices remained a barrier to inclusion. Take the Lead tries to attract more diverse fans through outreach programs.

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