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Pay Per Head Vegas News – Professional Gamblers in Nevada May Collect Unemployment

Professional Gamblers in Nevada May Collect Unemployment
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Pay Per Head Vegas News – Professional Gamblers in Nevada May Collect Unemployment

The coronavirus outbreak has led to unprecedented layoffs in the United States. As a result, Americans collecting unemployment benefits reached record numbers. Economists said that even professional gamblers in Nevada could collect unemployment.

Nevada closed non-essential businesses throughout the state to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In regular times, professional gamblers are not qualified for unemployment benefits. However, the temporary shutdown of casinos might provide them the opportunity to collect unemployment checks.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak ordered casinos to shut down until April 30. Gamblers can’t go out to visit them for two more weeks. The Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation said that players are self-employed. As a result, they qualify as independent contractors during the pandemic under the CARES Act.

Unemployment Benefits of Professional Gamblers in Nevada

Professional Gamblers in Nevada May Collect UnemploymentPresident Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act last March 27 that will extend unemployment benefits to self-employed people. Although gambling is not a typical American job, many individuals consider themselves as professional gamblers. Also, they pay taxes on income on their gambling income.

However, the lack of sporting events and poker games stopped them from earning through gambling. That’s why they are looking into the possibility of getting unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

Chris Konvalinka, a poker pro in Nevada, told sports betting solution sources that he is applying for unemployment. He sees it as a freeroll. Also, the worst that can happen is the disapproval of his application. He has nothing to lose.

However, some pay per head insiders said that the CARES Act has a provision that disqualifies individuals who can telework from home. Poker players can play poker online, which the federal government might consider as remote work.

A pay per head bookie thinks that professional gamblers have a chance to receive unemployment benefits. If they can show that their primary source of earning can’t be acquired through teleworking, then their application will be approved. Also, there’s no harm in applying for the unemployment claim.