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The Complexities of the Gambling Bill in Virginia

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The Complexities of the Gambling Bill in Virginia

Last updated on January 24th, 2019 at 11:22 pm

Despite the warm welcome online gambling has received across the US, some states remain hesitant. Despite the benefits from establishing the gambling industry in their area, some question if it should be legalized. But the questions are mostly moral in nature. Laws in some states and countries even acknowledge this by allotting funds to address people who may have problems with gambling. Other than that, the gambling industry can contribute to the local economies. You have fees and revenue taxes to fund programs such as social development for culture, the arts, and sports. It can also benefit pension programs. Lastly, the development of the gambling industry can increase employment rates in states. There are those who play, but there are those who want to earn from gambling as well, such as if you want to be an online bookie.

Gambling Bill in Virginia

Virginia is joining the list of states that will offer gambling, with their state Senate’s approval of the bill that will allow casinos. Unfortunately, their legislation is not as clean-cut as other US states. The bill does not directly legalize gambling. What it does, is allow for a referendum in key cities to consider allowing casinos in their areas. After its approval in the senate, it is now going to the Senate Finance Committee for them to review the bill and study the regulatory and financial aspects of the legislation.

But as early as now, there quite a few bumps ahead. A few statesmen, Governor Ralph Northam included, has states that they will not support legislation pertaining to gambling. They would prefer to see more studies on this industry and their state before any legislation is passed.

So, if this bill passes the senate, a public vote will be needed to enable gambling in Virginia. If it passes public vote, then the Virginia Lottery Board will have to issue licenses, but estimates put this as mid 2020 at the earliest to happen.

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